Steem Blockchain Projects

Reward Fireworks

Reward Fireworks Fireworks as users claim their rewards on the Steem blockchain. Claim a reward in your favourite Steem DApp, while on the firework page and see it explode in the sky! The larger the reward, the higher the rocket goes and the more it explodes. Check it out at, get the source code at

Fork of SWnEWn with integration of the Steem blockchain to make posts and saving the high score list. Play the game at, get the source code at

Raid Ponzi Steemit!

Rock Paper Scissors for the Steem blockchain. Using RPS, Steemians can challenge each other for a quick round of RPS. If you have a Steemit account, you can test the early alpha at

Fetch & Parse Steem News

Javascript to fetch topics published on the Steem blockchain. I use it in the News & Blog section. This allows for having a static website with dynamic content, without the need for a server backend. Creating an easily distributed and scalable solution, with a minimal need of maintanence. You can write blogs, post photographs, upload videos, run a live stream etc and they will all show up on your website! Source and documentation can be found at